GIAMAG provides modelling and simulation services for various types of magnetic systems including:
I. Dynamic magnet systems
II. Static magnet assemblies
III. Electro-hydrodynamics and magneto-hydrodynamic flows

Find out more about these offerings below.

Modelling and Simulation Services

I. Dynamic magnet systems

GIAMAG provides simulation studies of dynamic magnet systems.  GIAMAG offerings typically include:

  • Calculation of magnetically induced eddy currents in conductors
  • Calculation of magnetic forces and torques

Eddy current generation inside a rapidly (f=40Hz)  spinning aluminum disk subject to non-uniform magnetic field.

II. Static magnet assemblies

GIAMAG offers modelling and simulation studies of magnetic assemblies composed of permanent magnets and magnetizable materials (i.e. magnetic screening films). GIAMAG offerings typically include:

  • Calculation of magnetic field and magnetic forces
  • Optimization of magnet assemblies with respect to dimensions and complex geometries
  • Advice on the choice of magnets and materials

Magnetic field on the surface of a composite magnet consisting of Neodynium N52 magnets, soft magnetizable permendur films and iron.

III.   Electro-hydrodynamics and magneto-hydrodynamic flows

Conducting fluids can respond to electric and magnetic fields, resulting in coupled dynamics of hydrodynamic flow field and electro-magnetic fields. GIAMAG can provide simulations of the following:

  • Electric and magnetic response of fluids in magnetic fields
  • Both low and high Reynolds number flow systems

Magneto-hydrodynamic turbulent flow in a conducting liquid subject to an external magnetic field.