GIAMAG offerings
GIAMAG has patented magnet systems that combine high magnetic fields with high gradients. GIAMAG magnets are strong enough to capture magnetic particles down to the nanosizes.

The patented GIAMAG magnets are available for purchase or for licensing. The shape and dimensions of magnets can be optimized for specific applications.


GIAMAG® Bio-Magnetic Nanoparticle Separator

Original GIAMAG® Magnet

GIAMAG® Ring Magnet

How the GIAMAG magnet design works
The new patented GIAMAG magnet system design has an unprecedented value of the product of the magnetic field strength and field gradient. The principle design of the system is outlined in the figure below.

Skjermbilde 2017-03-09 kl. 09.33.27

Schematic outline of the original design of the GIAMAG magnet. The system consists of the following key components: Two adjacent permanent magnets (1) with opposite direction of magnetization, a yoke (2) and masks (3). The design has a small gap (4) producing a very strong magnetic field gradient (5).

For more information about the magnet designs, see patents:  CA 2592721 and US 2010/0012591 A1.